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ABBCO Service Corporation specializes in the overall maintenance management for Industrial Facilities. ABBCO not only provides and manages cleaning, but also material handling, lighting maintenance, waste management, re-cycling programs, grounds maintenance and other services.

Some of our Industrial customers throughout the United States include Die-Casting facilities, electronic manufacturers, steel fabrication, engine manufacturing, clean room environments, textiles, chemical plants and the list goes on...


ABBCO is a Safety Award winning company from the Building Service Contractor’s Association International.

With over 50 years in the building maintenance industry, we are well aware of management's concerns when you decide to outsource your cleaning needs. Not only are you concerned with quality and price, but your overriding concern is for the security and safety of your plant and your employees. Therefore, ABBCO has established, and follows, a written Safety Action Plan. This Plan includes:

  • Third party safety training and certification, as mandated by our contract
  • Safety orientation training for new employees
  • Continuing safety training for existing employees and supervisors
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly Safety Meetings
  • Safety tips at the start of each shift
  • Hazardous Communications programs, including the location and use of MSDS sheets
  • Job site safety inspections
  • Drug and alcohol policies, including random drug testing
  • OSHA compliance, including proper recording of accidents on the OSHA 200 log
  • Proper use of safety equipment, such as hard hats, safety goggles, safety gloves and respirators
  • Use of lockout switches
  • Background investigations on all our employees
  • Insurance, as specified in our contract, to cover inherent risks
  • Aggressive return to work program, in association with our workers' compensation carrier, to treat our employees and return them to work


Give ABBCO a call and let us design a maintenance program specifically designed to meet your needs.